One reoccurring issue that has been pressed upon throughout our “Why I Vote” series is that of mass incarceration and prison reform. For our second-to-last episode, we sat down with Common, who in addition to John Legend and T.I., helped shed some light on the importance of electing officials who will work to improve our nation’s prison system.

For Common, programs that give access to education and open doors for prisoner’s to secure jobs after they have been paroled are key to actively making a difference in our communities. It is up to us to advocate for candidates who show support and empathy for prisoners, and will move such programs into action. He says, “You vote for the politicians that you know are standing for what you want to change, are standing for what you want to see go on in your community and in this world.”

Previous episodes of “Why I Vote” featured Vic Mensa, T.I. Kesha, American Authors, Becky G., John Legend and Andra Day. The series finale will premiere tomorrow and features JoJo.

Vevo will continue the discussion on Friday, November 4th by hosting a Facebook live event “Why I Vote: Live” at 6:30 ET/3:30 PT to discuss the many issues at hand and the upcoming election. Artists expected to be offering their insights and opinions include T.I., Andra Day, Vic Mensa,  and Bethany Cosentino. Rock The Vote’s Jesse Moore will lead the discussion along with Vevo host Julz Goddard.