Gun violence is an epidemic in the U.S. There have been over 45, 000 reported gun-related incidents this year, resulting in the deaths of approximately 11,605 people and wounding 24,030. Hundreds have been children, and thousands have been teenagers.    

 This hot-button issue, regularly debated in the media, really hits home for James Shelley and Matt Sanchez of American Authors. Growing up in Texas and Tallahassee respectively, both have first-hand experience in what happens when deadly weapons are far too readily available.

 Both James and Matt have brothers who have served time for shooting someone, and in our latest episode of “Why I Vote” they examine the circumstances and explain their opinions on the need for comprehensive gun reform. Neither makes excuses for their brother’s violent actions, and both believe that stronger availability laws will quell the amount of gun-related incidents the country is suffering with.  “If making it harder to get a gun starts saving lives, than that’s important to me,” says James.   

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 Upcoming episodes of “Why I Vote” will premiere in the coming weeks, and will feature John LegendBecky G, and Rise Against


Source: Gun Violence Archive