We are 34 days away from choosing our next president. Four years ago, the youth vote was the decisive factor in several swing states, critical to the race’s final outcome. To call this year’s election historic would be an understatement. And it’s not only about who will lead the nation, but also about key federal, state and local-level candidates as well as crucial ballot initiatives.

At Vevo, we believe we have an obligation to encourage young people to get to the polls, so we created the “Why I Vote” series. Each episode features a different artist sharing an issue they’re passionate about, explaining why it motivates them to cast their ballot.

The latest episode features T.I. telling his own story of growing up in Atlanta at the beginning of the government’s “War on Drugs.” With an uncle going to prison, the young MC had a first-hand look at the way these policies impacted families and communities. The rise of mass incarceration and the privatization of prisons are paramount issues that drive T.I. to vote.

“Why I Vote” premiered last week with Vic Mensa sharing his personal experiences with the police during a protest in Chicago following the shooting of his friend Laquan McDonald. He made an impassioned call to use our power as citizens and vote on November 8. We agree: the stakes are too high to sit this one out. From now through Election Day we will air new episodes with American Authors, Kesha and several other artists we’ll announce soon. Watch, share and make sure your voice is heard by voting in the 2016 election.